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C. Duayne Pearson

Web Developer. Photographer.
Risk-Taker. Father. Husband. Dreamer.
The order depends on the day...

is better than "perfect" for now.

I seriously thought about leaving “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,….” in this block. That’s how much of a work-in-progress this is. I’ll update this soon of course, but for now I’d rather get this launched than worry about the pretty details. I’m all about iteration. Keep visiting to see how this develops, and check out the blog while you wait.

For you procrastinators out there, get to work!

My Latest Posts


Random Thought: Imposter Syndrome & The Gift

I DEEPLY despise this feeling of inadequacy that I’m suffering through now. I want to be a web developer. I NEED to be a practicing, professional photographer. THAT is my gift.

Anti-COVID vaccine protests in France

Fear & Confusion in the Time of COVID

One sign of a dangerously ignorant person is their unwillingness to consider, or worse, even listen to a different perspective. This is where we are, worldwide right now. I’m not speaking about those who chose to get vaccinated and go about their business.


A Quiet Moment

She’s growing up fast. I’m fortunate enough to have a life where I can be here everyday to enjoy and capture the little things.

Canon AE-1 Program black on black 35mm camera

Revisiting Film with the Canon AE-1 Program

Film always has and always will intrigue me; nostalgia is the immediate thought which comes to mind. While I cannot completely translate the feeling, there is something hypnotizing about sifting through negatives and old photographs.